Upton Abbey

A filmed TV show within a live improvisation show. Come see the crew of the TV show upton abbey do a improvised set of pre and post production of the TV show UPTON ABBEY with an episode squished in between the improv sets. Directed/Produced By Amey Goerlich Filmed By Lou Gonzalez & Matt Scott (Asst Director) A collective of writers, improvisers, filmmakers got together to create an original TV series with the idea to show each episode live on stage with the improvised Crew of the TV show doing a pre an d post production set. Check out our Tumblr for pics of filming and other stuff. http://upton-abbey.tumblr.com/ Performers Names THE CAST of IMPROVISED CREW (STAGE) Improvised TV Crew: Lou Gonzolez Brian Uretta Evan Boshi Jamie Legerro Jocelyn Drew Gia Ingrham Ben Whitehouse Curtis Retherford Andy Bustilo TJ Del Reno Amey Goerlich Brennen Mulligan CAST OF UPTON ABBEY TV SHOW (FILM) Bob Kulhan Cathleen Caar Kevin Cragg Rebecca Vigil Caitlin Brodnick Emily Bogue Jessica Giannone David Ebert Angela Dee Johnny McNulty Abby Holland Tracey Petrillo Marcus Bishop-Wright Julia Weidman Rachel Wecht Robin Levine Marshall Stratton Jerah Mulligan Jocelyn Drew David Guzman Matthew Brian Cohen Ted Limpert Krista Jensen